Get the new car feel without the new car price tag

CarSmart is Kansas City’s only dealer specializing in 1-3 year old vehicles.

Visit and find a great selection of "nearly-new" one-to-three year old low-mileage vehicles. Most are still under their original factory warranty and all are priced 20-40% below the cost of buying new - well below market value. Discover how buying nearly-new gets you the same benefits associated with buying new - and gives you that new car feel without the new car price.

  • Bypass the 11% depreciation that comes the minute you drive off the new car lot! Our vehicles have already taken the initial depreciation, saving you money.
  • Enjoy the convenience and cost-savings that come with driving the latest body styles, newest safety features, improved fuel economy and upgraded technology only found in late-model vehicles.
  • One-to-three year-old vehicles still qualify for the same great rates offered by new car dealers. Let us help you secure financing rates from one of our top-tier lending partners.
  • Get our best price, fees and financing terms in writing before you come see us and save up to 4 hours in the dealership when you arrive!

CarSmart Select  

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